International Women’s Day 2021 Theme: I Am Generation Equality

international womens day 2020 theme

What is the international women’s day 2021 theme? The theme is “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights”. It means women’s day is all about the equality of women everywhere around the world. Basically, in 1995 there was a fourth world conference that held in Beijing,

international womens day 2020 theme

China becomes the actual conference that made women empowerment everywhere. For your information 2021 is the most important year for gender equality. So, that is the basic theme of women to equalize women. The rights of women are matters a lot because in some countries we don’t provide equal opportunities to women.

History of women’s day

The earliest women’s day was called national woman’s day back in 1909. The first time it was held in New York City on 28 February 1909. National woman’s day was organized by the socialist party of America on the suggestion of Theresa Malkiel. Actually this was observed when in new york city a woman who works in a garment shop was protesting for his rights. That is said by some people maybe it’s not reality but it’s the part of history.

Above we mentioned every detail like international women’s day 2021 theme and history back to back. If you are the first time celebrating women’s day then you must have to print the basic theme on a card and come to the streets. In the United States, many girls and women come to the streets for specific parades. This doesn’t only happen in the USA it takes place everywhere in the world.

So, now it’s time for to you stand up and protest against those who Confiscate your rights. International women’s day 2021 is a suitable day for every one of you to stand up for your rights. Otherwise, you can’t survive in society. Everyone is going for Sequestration of women’s rights so now it’s time to protest against that mafia.

What is International Women’s Day 2021 Theme

  • I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights

For your information, every religion of the world teaches for women rights but here men are dominated they don’t want to see women should develop. If you don’t protest they will degrade your dignity. It’s your right to live with freedom and this right is given by your state to you. Now it’s your duty how you fight for your rights.

Just go out in the streets and protest for your equal right to the men. Women are also talented they can fight against the poverty and hurdles in the way of the country’s development. So, dear women contribute to your country’s development you can do anything that men can do. Thanks a lot for visiting our post.

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